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Jerad Stack


Jared StackcloseCo-Founder & CEO, Flowstate Solutions

Casper has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and those in the technology and business sectors. After spending some time traveling the world with prior, co-founded companies, my interests returned to small business and my native Wyoming home in Casper.

My passion for technology, business, and our home state have all converged in a new venture called Flowstate, where we are building a company that's intent on delivering next generation technology to the oil and gas industry.

The support that Casper can offer companies in any stage of business has been a large reason why I chose to move back here and continue business ventures. Additionally, the outdoor recreation opportunities, short commute, and great options for remote working, make living and working in Casper the ideal package.

Ask Me About:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Remote Working
Amanda Scherlin

Lifestyle | Tourism

Amanda ScherlincloseMarketing Manager, Visit Casper

I’ve found that when you choose Casper, Casper will embrace you.

Born and raised here in Casper, I left for several years to go to school and start my career. I came back to Casper when an opportunity arose to further my career as the Marketing Manager of Visit Casper. I loved growing up here and having the chance to share the community I love with travelers from around the World has been amazing.

What has always impressed me about Casper is the wide-range of things you can do and experience here. From World-class museums to unparalleled fishing, there really is a niche for anyone in our community.

For a relatively small town, Casper has a lot to offer. Western hospitality is alive and well in Casper, and locals are eager to share their community with visitors. There’s a community for everyone here, whether you are an outdoorsperson, artist, craft-beer lover, or a business professional.

Ask Me About:

  • Casper Tourism
  • Casper Lifestyle
  • Community Events
Nuriéh Zarrín Glasgow

Volunteerism | Non-Profit

Nuriéh Zarrín GlasgowcloseWinds of Change Therapy

If you are thinking of a move to Casper, do it! If you have a family, you won't be disappointed in the opportunities you have to try new things in the winter and enjoy in the summers. There is plenty to do and the cost of living is less, so you'll have more money to do things you enjoy. There are great pockets of spiritual communities here and plenty of ways to get involved if you look for it. Nature, the small community, and good neighbors make Casper a great place to raise a family. I think home really is where you make it, but it doesn't hurt to have good people here too!

Since 2004, I have called Casper home. Originally from California, I came here in 2000 as an Americorps Vista for a year. I then moved to Florida, then Boulder, Colorado but, ultimately came back to Casper to start a family. My job with ServeWyoming and the educational opportunities I found were incredible. My two children are part of the dual language immersion program at their elementary school and this has been a great opportunity for them and our amazing family.

The mental health community in Casper works towards finding better ways to serve our community. As an advocate, especially for people of color, this is something I care deeply about. It's important that we all work on reducing stigmas around mental health and also find and educate more counselors of color so that more members of our community find counselors who understand the complexities of their lives and experiences. Volunteerism is another part of our community I am passionate about and ties very closely to how the arts enhance and build our communities. Both help connect people to the ideas that matter most to their hearts, but also open up opportunities that open our minds. They both help us address our communities most challenging issues and provide avenues for people to discuss issues they care about and build bridges.

Ask Me About:

  • Non-Profit Work
  • Volunteerism
  • Activism
  • Mental Health
  • The Arts
  • Family Life

Trent Tatum

Outdoor Recreation | Adventure

Trent TatumcloseCo-owner, North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop Cottages/RV
Outfitter, Pathfinder Outfitters BG-058

As an avid fisherman, hunter, and photographer, I have found that Casper has plenty to offer when it comes to my passions. As a 2004 graduate of the University of Wyoming, I majored in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management. I began guiding for the North Platte Lodge in 2001 and moved to Casper in the summer of 2004 to guide full-time.

Casper is without question one of the best places to be if you enjoy the outdoors. Its location and proximity to a World-class fishery, reservoirs and mountain ranges are second to none. Needless to say, I am passionate about the resources in our area. Casper and Natrona County are home to the endless outdoors and a great community of people.

Ask Me About:

  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Fishing On The North Platte River
  • Wildlife In The Area
  • The Best Places To Get Outside
John Griffith, LEED AP

Entrepreneur | Family Life

John Griffith, LEED APclosePartner, Tandem Design + Build

Casper, and Wyoming, offers some of the best climates for starting and operating a business. Casper is very welcoming and boasts a surprising amount of high-quality arts and culture for a community of our size. Not only is Casper an unbelievably giving community, it also has amazing access to the outdoors and outdoor activities.

I was born and raised in Casper and moved away for college and later for work. I moved back to Casper, because it is a great place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors. In today’s technologically advanced world, Casper’s business climate offers great opportunities to grow and build something special that you won’t find elsewhere.

My wife and I have been able to start and run multiple businesses here in Casper, and I cannot think of another community where we would have been able to do this. The economic climate and diversity of Casper is special and cannot be overlooked. Casper is also a very giving place, and home to the largest Rotary Club in Wyoming and in our region. Our Rotary Clubs and many other service organizations are able to give back to our community and others around the world in a fashion that has a meaningful and long-lasting impact. This is an opportunity you just don't get in other places.

As I mentioned, the community is beyond giving in more ways than one. Casper is also home to the largest Rotary Club in Wyoming and in our region. Our Rotary Clubs, and many other service organizations, are able to give back to our community and others around the World in a fashion that has a meaningful and long-lasting impact. This is an opportunity you just don’t get in other places.

Our clean air and wide-open spaces are just the introduction to what is refreshing about Casper. The people are kind and supportive. The arts and culture rival communities many times larger than ours. Casper is built on the success of business and this inherent trait continues through the community today. We have the best parts of a large city, with none of the headaches.

Ask Me About:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Construction Services
  • Community Life
  • Rotary
  • Family Life
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Art and Culture
Kevin Hawley

Downtown Casper | Community

Kevin HawleycloseCEO, Downtown Development Authority

We have lived in Casper for 10+ years. My family relocated from Michigan due to my interest in and passion for the West. We fell in love with Casper because of the mountain, river, access to outdoor recreation, friendly people, central location, and enhanced quality of life.

Casper may be a smaller city but it is host to great amenities: fantastic outdoor recreation, extremely high quality schools, excellent place to raise a family, hardworking and friendly neighbors, low taxes and more. These things by themselves are great, but we have all of them!

What are you waiting for? My commute is three minutes every day. Take a chance and you will really see what it means when others say "quality of life".

Ask Me About:

  • Downtown Casper
  • Community Events
  • Rotary
  • Family Life
  • K-12 Education

Eric Schlidt


Eric SchlidtcloseDirector, IMPACT 307, University of Wyoming

If you are considering a move to Casper, come visit, explore and see just how much you are getting when you move to Casper.

I have lived in Casper for the majority of my life with the exception of attending school in Laramie and some brief stints in the Yukon and Arizona. I have stayed here because Casper, Wyoming is the best place to come home to. You know you are coming home to a place that is not only a friendly and good home but where there is opportunity and the great outdoors. I have been fortunate enough to see how it has continually grown and become not only a more enjoyable town but, it continues to grow into something even better.

Casper is unique and is a growing area that has a great restaurant scene, fantastic schools, central location and top notch outdoors. It is right in the middle of Wyoming with the North Platte River, Casper Mountain, multiple reservoirs, miles of hiking trails, and four World-class golf courses. Casper’s downtown has become something that I believe all of Casper is proud of and enjoys. But mostly, the people of Casper are unique because they truly care and your neighbors will always wave when you are driving past.

Casper, Wyoming is a bustling hub for entrepreneurs and business. There is always someone who is willing to help you achieve your goals or dreams. Likewise, there are multiple ways to network with others and start your connections.

Ask Me About:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare
  • Outdoor Recreation (Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Skiing, Golfing)
  • Community Events
  • Rotary

Susan Stubson

Arts | Culture

Susan StubsonclosePianist, Cultural Leader

Casper’s most unique asset is its people! This is a community unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We have a culture of giving, of generosity and kindness. It’s an expectation in this community. In addition, Casper Mountain is a gift. The Platte River and the National Historic Trails Center attract folks from around the World. Downtown Casper is a beehive of activity year-round with almost daily events at the David Street Station. If you are considering a move or relocation to Casper, do it. It’s a great place to raise your kids and there’s plenty of outdoor recreation and cultural opportunities.

I am a sixth generation Wyomingite. I was born in Wyoming, raised in Colorado and then returned to Wyoming as a young adult. I am a concert pianist, a writer and an attorney.

The arts are well supported in this community. We have a semi-professional symphony orchestra, a chamber music society and a thriving visual art community. The Nicolaysen Art museum houses an incredible collection of both Western Art, modern and contemporary art, exhibiting both local and internationally acclaimed artists. Casper is home to a professional opera company as well as a professional dance company. Additionally, there’s plenty of western artists, singer-songwriters, fiddle groups and bluegrass festivals.

Ask Me About:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Our Community
  • Family Life
  • Downtown Casper
  • Great Neighborhoods

Ben Schanck


Ben Schanckclose

History Teacher, Kelly Walsh High School

Casper is a small slice of heaven on Earth! Set in an amazing location in which to raise children, we might be a "big city" by Wyoming standards,
but we have a small town feel. The citizens of Casper are quick to accept new residents and it is one of the friendliest and most giving
communities in the world!

I am currently a history teacher at Kelly Walsh High School. On top of teaching, I have served on the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish Wyoming
and am currently a member of their advisory board. I am also an International Exchange Coordinator for EF High School Exchange Year, a student council
sponsor, and head Alpine Ski coach.

Having hosted fourteen exchange students from Europe, I have seen firsthand, the impact our city has on newcomers. My students are always blown away
by how friendly the citizens of Casper are. By the time that they have to return to their home countries, they feel a bit of home sickness for Casper!
They say they miss walking down the street and having complete strangers say hello or give you a smile. They say that does not happen where they are from.

I am a Casper native and have lived here all of my life (except for the four years I went to the University of Wyoming). I chose to return to Casper after
college because it is a community that I am deeply invested in. I have a large family who resides in Casper, so being close to family is a major factor as
to why I chose to make my adult life in Casper. Furthermore, we have a top-notch school system in Casper. I knew that the Natrona County School District
was a perfect fit for my style of teaching. Our school district has given me so many tremendous opportunities to grow as an educator and I cannot imagine
teaching anywhere else. Another reason that I chose to remain in Casper is that there is so much to do here. It is an outdoor enthusiast's dream!
Who else can hike, camp, cross country ski, downhill ski, fish, boat, etc. within 15-45 minutes of their front door?! The revival of downtown Casper
has been such a breath of fresh air and I love to go downtown to walk and socialize. There are so many great things about Casper and I am proud that
it is my home.

Given that I am so involved in the school system and with a number of non-profit organizations, I am always proud and impressed at the way
that this community comes together to help those who need it.

Ask Me About:

  • Education In Our School District
  • Community Life
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Family Life

Justin Kinner


Justin KinnercloseCertified Personal Trainer, Complete Physical Therapy
Coach, NCHS Cross Country Ski

I’m Justin Kinner and I am so glad you are considering a move to Casper. I'm very passionate about Casper, and Wyoming and the privileges we have. I am a 307 guy through and through. I'm an outdoor junkie with an affinity for trying new things who is always up for adventures, and the opportunities that Casper provides for adventure helps to keep me grounded and excited for the potential of growth in this sector in and around Casper. I'm an avid trail runner, with countless trail ultras under my belt as well as six 100 mile finishes. I am on the 307 Running Board and the Race Director for a 12-hour night trail run on our mountain. I'm also a cross country ski coach with the privilege of helping to cultivate a love and respect for the outdoors and promoting a healthy lifestyle for future generations.

I was born and raised in Casper, went to the University of Wyoming for college, and came back to stay close to most of my family. Casper has a lot of untapped outdoor recreation potential. Having a mountain playground a mere 15 minutes from my house is not something I ever take for granted.

Casper has more outdoor adventure and recreation opportunities than a lot of people realize. A mountain in town. Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoirs are about 30 minutes away. World class sport climbing opportunities in Fremont Canyon, near Alcova. Endless, world class hunting and fishing opportunities year round. A beautiful walkway along the Platte River that snakes through town. Rotary Park's Bridle Trail, a true mountain gem with well maintained trails around Garden Creek Falls. Casper Mountain County parks with year round opportunities for things like; camping, cross-country skiing, archery range, hiking, mountain biking, trail running. Countless historical sites in and around Casper. Casper is also the doorstep to miles upon miles of easily accessible State and BLM lands.

I'm a huge advocate of seeking the best version of one's self. In my experience, there is no better way to become that best version of yourself than to be outside, and active. The big wide open and fresh air that Casper and Wyoming provides is simply second to none. The privilege to get away from it all at a trail head just minutes from your door offers endless opportunities for perspective and reflection as you become a physically stronger person for having made the choice to get out there and live your life.

Casper is a great and safe place to lay down roots and raise a family. People in Casper, and Wyoming, are the true “salt of the earth” type of people who you will make lasting relationships with.

Ask Me About:

  • Adventures Around Casper
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Community Events
  • Health and Wellness in Casper
Nathaniel Steinhoff

Real Estate | Family Life

Nathaniel SteinhoffcloseBroker, Part Owner, Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate

I have never lived in a community that collectively invests more in itself. When people in Casper want something they get together and get it done. A great example of this is David Street Station.

Being centrally located in Wyoming, Casper doesn’t have the disadvantage of being close to a larger metropolitan market (i.e. Billings, Fort Collins, SLC, Rapid City), so we have much more to do here in the way of arts and activities than any other Wyoming community I have lived in. This includes great acts and shows at the Casper Events Center, an incredible symphony orchestra, Bear Trap Music Festival, and the College National Finals Rodeo. Casper is big enough to support many amenities that my family requires, but still has a small town feel. I have not lived here that long, and I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone I know.

My wife and I moved here 9 years ago for her job in Non-Profit management from Cheyenne. Having never lived in Casper before, my wife and I were both nervous. I am so thankful that her job brought us here. The reasons for this change of heart are too numerous to mention here, but if you are considering Casper as a place to land, and want to have an in depth discussion, please feel free to contact me.

Within 30 minutes of Casper is the entire suite of outdoor Wyoming activities. Everything from fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, biking, and camping in the summer, to everything you could want to do in the winter including cross country trails, a ski area, snow machining, and a world class biathlon center. I love Casper Mountain. It lets you scratch the mountain itch on a weekly basis. AND, with Casper being so centrally located, you are perfectly positioned for those bigger excursions elsewhere in the state. Are you familiar with the Bridle Trail? If not ask me about it. Truly one of the gems of Casper Mountain.

From my perspective the only way to know for your specific situation is to have a discussion with an Ambassador to talk about your wants and needs and how those align with what Casper offers. I have that very discussion with quite a few clients who are considering a move to Casper, and I would be happy to have it with you as well. Additionally, I think it would be a mistake not to consider it as an option.

Ask Me About:

  • Real Estate
  • Community Events
  • Casper Mountain Living
  • Casper Mountain Activities
  • Family Life in Casper
  • Community Involvement
  • Community Tours
Jordan Johnson

Finance | Young Professionals

Jordan JohnsoncloseFinancial Advisor, Farm Bureau Financial Services

Casper is a wonderful place to live, especially if you enjoy the outdoors and like having a sense of community. It is a great place to raise a family and establish a career. There are many great family activities not only in Casper but throughout the state. We have a great school system that is safe and gives kids a great opportunity to go to college or learn a trade.

I was born and raised in Casper and attended the University of Wyoming from 2010-2014. I decided to come back to Casper because I wanted to begin my career in my hometown. I also wanted to be close to my parents, brother, and my friends. I love Casper and the people of the community. Its hard to imagine living anywhere else at this point.

You’ll find unique features all around Casper like Casper Mountain and the North Platte River. One of my favorite museums, and a must see, is the Fort Caspar Museum. When friends and family come visit they are shocked with how friendly and neighborly most of the people are. Our downtown is also unique in that it has the old western feel to it with more modern restaurants and shopping amenities.

Working in the financial services industry allows me to serve the people of Casper by helping them accomplish their financial goals, protect their family, property, assets and businesses. My company also is very involved within the community and we dedicate our time giving back throughout the year. The people of Casper have been really good to us and we want to thank them by giving back any way we can.

As a young professional in Casper, my goal is to develop relationships with other young professionals from different industries and professions. Our hope is to add to Casper a collection of younger people that are motivated to create positive change within the community. By bringing these people together and holding workshops, seminars, networking events, and bringing in relevant guest speakers we hope to better position ourselves to become leaders in the community.

Ask Me About:

  • Young Professionals
  • Finance
  • Volunteering
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Community Life

Pete Fazio

Downtown Casper | Business Owner

Pete FaziocloseOwner/Operator, Eggington's

When my family was looking for a better life and a great place to raise a family, we settled on Casper nearly 11 years ago and haven’t looked back. We moved from Massachusetts looking for a place that would support a new business and be safe for our children. Casper has so much to offer for the outdoor enthusiast.

Wyoming is a way of life and Casper is the central location to it all. It is the perfect small town with plenty of amenities. Being downtown has always been a goal for us and we love being in the action and the location of our business right in the heart of Downtown Casper. When I had the opportunity to buy Eggington's it was an easy decision. Casper is just a great place to do business and a great place to live.

Ask Me About:

  • Downtown Casper
  • Bsuiness Ownership in Casper
  • Community Events
  • Outdoor Recreation
Mallory Pollock

Lifestyle | Entrepreneur

Mallory PollockcloseBrand Ambassador, Backwards Distilling Company -
Founder and Chair, Casper Pride -

If you are considering a move to Casper, we would be thrilled to have you! Let us know what we can do to help you make a decision.

In the fall of 2013, I made Casper my home. I moved here to be with my now spouse who was born and raised here and am originally from a small town in Wyoming.

Casper Pride is an annual event every June that is building a community within the greater community. This organization is pretty unique for Wyoming. We are creating a safer environment and adding color to the town! Yoga is also rocking in Casper. I teach at a few locations and the yoga scene is definitely pushing Casper forward.

You’ll find many unique features throughout Casper but two of my favorites (and must sees) are the labyrinth along the North Platte River and the bronze dinosaur sculpture in front of the Tate Museum on the Casper College campus.

Ask Me About:

  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Yoga
  • Community Events
  • Casper Pride
Connie Morgan


Connie Morganclose

Owner and Operator, GloW Neon Signs

The people of Casper are probably the most unique of anywhere I have ever lived... and I have lived a lot of places. The sense of community is the true heart of Casper. It is probably the most generous place on the planet!

I’ve lived in Casper for 9 years. Initially, I moved here for my ex-husband’s job. After he left, my boys and I stayed because of the community of friends and support we have gathered around us here in Casper.

As far as adventure goes, I mountain bike, trail run, hike, kayak, and explore on a weekly basis. It doesn’t take long to get out of the city and into backcountry where no one else is. Casper winters can have a lot of windy days. But summer!? Summer in Casper is beautiful and makes tough winter days worth it. Either way there is so much to do year-round in our area.

Finally, another reason I love this community is that, Casper has brought me back to furthering my education. I love to learn and have always had a lifetime goal of getting a degree. I didn’t go to college after high school, but I’m happy that I am going now and really appreciate having such a wonderful community college here. Because the geology in and around Casper is so unique, I plan on taking a geology class at Casper College this fall to learn even more about our area.

Ask Me About:

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Family Life
  • Community

Rachel Bailey

Arts | Culture

Rachel BaileycloseExecutive Director, Wyoming Symphony Orchestra

I grew up in Casper and left for college (1993). At the time I left home I never thought I would return and traveled as far as San Francisco and London, Great Britain to experience the world. I returned to Casper in 2009 from London because I yearned for a sense of community and to spend more time with my family. At the time I had no idea the possibilities Casper had to offer for a 30-something-year-old woman. I had been living in big cities and missed the easy access to the outdoors and the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Possibility and culture are not in short supply. Entrepreneurism is encouraged and supported in this community and you will have access to a wide variety of visual and performing arts.

I think it speaks volumes about the importance of culture in a community that has supported and grown a symphony orchestra for over 70 seasons. The local contemporary art museum, The NIC, has been an important fixture in Casper for over 30 years and Casper College has a premier arts and humanities department for a community college. Wyoming has one of the highest per capita of artists in the nation - including both visual and performing arts. We have a local art walk, galleries, theaters, maker spaces, community bands, museums, an opera group and an orchestra. There is ample opportunity to experience arts and culture as well as to create. All of this adds to our sense of community building and allows expression and life-long learning for residents.

Because I love the outdoors, Casper is the perfect place to experience hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and fishing and easy access to all of it. On top of this, Casper is one of the most generous towns and a wonderfully inviting community. You won’t regret choosing Casper!

Ask Me About:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Events
  • Outdoor Recreation
JoAnn Skeim-True

Politics | Family Life

JoAnn Skeim-Trueclose

Geologist/Owner, AB Resources LLC

My name is JoAnn Skeim-True, and I have lived in Casper for 17 years. I have a BS degree in Geology and an MBA, both from the University of Wyoming, and I have spent my career as a petroleum geologist in Wyoming. I have worked in the oil and gas industry since 2002, but I have recently transitioned out of industry work full time and am currently a part-time geologic consultant and have other business interests.

My husband, Shane, our six children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and I all have the privilege of calling Wyoming home. I am passionate about serving my community, and I sit on several boards, local and statewide. I am also a member of the Leadership Wyoming Class of 2018.

We in Wyoming are privileged to have the great outdoors literally in our backyard. Not only does Casper have access to world-class outdoor activities, it is also a business-friendly community, has fantastic schools, and is a great place to raise a family. I feel so incredibly fortunate to call Casper home!

Ask Me About:

  • Business Ownership in Casper
  • Local and State Politics
  • Family Life
  • Community Involvement
  • Education for All Ages