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Why Choose Casper? Here’s why.

There are some places that make you feel at home the minute you arrive. A place where you can live life boldly. Whether that lies within the community carving a space for you or realizing that right here you can be yourself while creating a life you always imagined, Casper is one of those places. We’re a spirited community, and we like to do things our way. Here, culture and opportunity collide leaving residents with a satisfaction difficult to find anywhere else. We value the chance to grow professionally while also placing a priority on living — really living — through exploring your passions, experiencing new things and taking on big adventures.



Your quality of life is about to get better. If you ask a resident the best part about living in Casper, they’ll tell you it’s the small-town vibe with the perks of living in a big-ish city. As the second largest city in Wyoming, we’re geographically located in the heart of the state, making us a hub for activities, festivals, and a gateway to exploring the stunning beauty of Wyoming. We’re also proud to share that here… we take care of our own. In an earlier study by Travelocity, Casper was named the most giving city in the nation. (Yep, turns our we’re friendly and generous, too.) Events and community spaces also provide creative ways to get involved and connect with other residents. We guarantee as a local, you’ll find yourself more connected than ever to your neighbors and to nature. Learn more about housing in Casper.

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Casper is home to many families looking for a bustling, safe, and family-friendly community. High-quality education, childcare, after school programs, and sports and extra-curricular activities will help your family find your new favorite routine. As an open enrollment district, Natrona County School District #1 offers the freedom to find the school with the curriculum that is right for your kid(s). When it comes to higher ed, our community college provides a place to advance or continue your education, or to engage in a variety of adult learning programs. Plus, eleven museums and several performing arts spaces offer your entire family arts, culture and unique avenues to express themselves. Learn more about education in Casper.

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Adventure awaits in Casper. Uniquely positioned where the High Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, you’ll have extraordinary access to the best outdoor recreation in the West, right out your front door. Work-life balance has never been easier with the legendary North Platte River winding through town, hundreds of miles of multi-use trails, a local ski area, three nearby recreational reservoirs and Casper Mountain all in your backyard. Learn more about getting outside near Casper.

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Professionals at any stage of their career can take their work to the next level in Casper. Our robust business community supports entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large organizations through resources, professional organizations and networking. You’ll spend less time commuting and more time enjoying the things you love when it takes less than 20 minutes to get to work and home. If you work remotely, choose Casper as your home base. With a vibrant virtual working community and multiple coworking spaces, you’ll find innovation and collaboration around every corner. Learn more about working in Casper.

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