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So you can work from anywhere? Here’s why you should be working from Casper

As people consider a move to Casper, staying connected and engaged in their business is easy. Casper is a vibrant city with hometown values. The slower-paced lifestyle mixes accessible nature and the hustle of business you just can’t find in urban spaces.

Remote working has seen a steep rise in recent months, eliminating the need to choose between your dream job and your dream place. The ability to “work from anywhere” means you can enjoy the lifestyle you want while maintaining or expanding career opportunities outside of Casper.

Widespread use of technology and advances in video streaming, cloud storage, and team-based productivity platforms have made it extremely easy for teams to stay connected, even when thousands of miles apart. That means that distance is no longer a barrier to success. In fact, we think of it as a benefit. Check out some of the other benefits of working remotely in Casper.

Save Money

In 2020, many employers were successful at converting some (or all) of their workforce to remote working. Amid this process, employers saved money and saw an increase in productivity. Global Workplace Analytics estimates that a typical employer will save $11,000 per half-time telecommuter per year. A FlexJobs survey found that employees saved $4,000 a year on things like gas, food/drink, and clothing costs. Combine that with Wyoming’s lack of a personal/corporate income tax, a 5% sales tax, and a low cost of living, and working remotely in Casper is an economically wise choice for many professionals.


Work Where You Want

In addition to the economic benefits, Casper has amenities that support the work remote lifestyle. When you need to get out of your home-office, Casper provides several co-working spaces, including The Basement Shift and Impact307, which offer low-cost options for one-time and ongoing workstations. Professionals are also often found at one of the 16 coffee shops in town, working from their laptops and enjoying the local brews. For individuals who may not have a personal computer, the Natrona County Library has a free computer lab and even a maker space, including a Cricut machine, 3D printer, and other helpful business tools or resources.

If your job requires travel, Casper is located along I-25, the quickest way North or South in the state, making in and out simple. Also, Casper is home to the state’s ONLY international airport, just 15 minutes west of town. The Casper/Natrona County International Airport offers many direct flights to Denver and Salt Lake City, making access to anywhere a breeze.

Enjoy The View

The comforts and amenities of city living can be enjoyed in Casper, along with the space and fresh air that give you room to roam. Many businesses and homes have a view of the mountains – and if you are from a much larger city – you may find yourself marveling at the clear night sky. Casper is a Class 5 city on the Bortle scale, meaning there is much less light pollution than other cities like Denver (a Class 8-9 city). Our low light pollution and allows for some breathtakingly magnificent star-gazing.

Casper offers remote workers and employers the opportunity to live in a safe community with low traffic, access to nature, and room to thrive and grow without sacrificing the luxuries of living in a metropolitan area. Learn more about the advantages of working remotely in Casper, straight from a couple of locals who moved their families back after their employers went permanently remote.


If you’re an employer of remote workers or are considering a move to Casper check out some reasons why Casper is good for business,

Offering amenities that will help you and your family live your best life.