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From the Natrona County School District

As Natrona County’s only public school district, we are honored to serve the education needs of approximately 12,900 students in preschool through 12th grade in the city of Casper and the surrounding towns of Alcova, Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville, Mills, Midwest, and Powder River.

Natrona County School District (NCSD) is an open enrollment district, meaning parents can choose from any of our 28 schools for their children, regardless of where in the county they reside. We believe that families know their children best, and we understand no single learning environment will meet every child’s needs.

Our Approach

Over the past one-hundred years, we’ve watched our district blossom into more than 28 schools and programs – pre-kindergarten through high school. Today’s students need far more than the traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic lessons. We, at the NCSD, strive to provide all students with optimum learning opportunities and the tools, skills, and knowledge they will need to succeed in the 21st Century. Focusing on the whole child, NCSD offers numerous extracurricular, athletic and activity opportunities, and other options for students and school families to be an involved member of their school community.

As a collective school community, we believe it is essential to set strategic goals to focus our actions for continued educational excellence in Natrona County. High Expectations, Leading in Literacy, Planning With Purpose, Safe & Healthy Environments, and Effective and Efficient Operations are at the forefront of our District’s strategic goals and serve as the foundation for our work and comprehensive Strategic Plan.


Our Commitment

We are committed to a collaborative atmosphere dedicated to serving our students and staff’s best interests. It takes more than our teachers, support staff, and administrators to accomplish this – our school families and community members are an integral partner in reaching our shared goal of high expectations and academic success for our students and school communities.

Visit us at to learn more about the terrific educational opportunities we offer in Natrona County.

Check out a few highlights and program opportunities provided by NCSD

Pathways Innovation Center (P.I.C.) is an extension of Natrona County’s high school system. Pathways’ courses of study include college–preparatory curriculum, industry certifications, portfolio development, and internships. P.I.C. offers advanced and professional coursework for students in the 11th and 12th grades from each of the three high schools. Students have the choice to attend their home school for a half-day and the other half at P.I.C. The curriculum development and experiences at P.I.C. are intended to engage students based on their interests as well as assist with post-graduation job placement by filling community needs. Students in the program often graduate straight into well-paying jobs, such as these three students who became full-time welders. For a full list of Pathways Innovation Center certifications and courses, click here.

At P.I.C., students and teachers work together to meet Wyoming State Standards and Hathaway requirements. Students attain real-world applications focusing on industry standards and college or career readiness. Natrona County School District is excited about providing 21st-century learning opportunities for all students.

The Casper Planetarium first opened its doors in 1966 and is a great place for NCSD students and community members to enjoy some educational fun. Throughout the school year, NCSD classrooms visit the Planetarium to engage in the magic of the universe and beyond. Each program presented to school groups is designed to match Wyoming State Standards and/or NCSD Standards. The Casper Planetarium also offers many community activities and summer opportunities for students and families to engage in the exploration of the vast universe.

Visit the Casper Planetarium website for more information and details about the shows and the services they provide.

The Casper Mountain Science Program gives NCSD students an opportunity to participate in exploring the natural world around them, using the framework of science. Casper Mountain Science Program is committed to providing students unique opportunities to learn about their relationship to the environment and find the practical scientific applications for their learnings.

Learn more about the opportunities with Casper Mountain Science Program.

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) is a parent choice program that begins in kindergarten at selected elementary schools in Natrona County. DLI is an opportunity for students to be educated in a second language, either Mandarin or Spanish. Elementary Students receive their primary instruction for half the day in English and the other half in the target language (Mandarin or Spanish). All content taught in DLI classrooms is aligned to Wyoming Content and Performance Standards. The DLI Program offers students the opportunity for Biliteracy, academic excellence in two languages, positive cross-cultural relationships and self-esteem, and access to a variety of career choices and opportunities. Students also are provided opportunities for multicultural competence as their teachers bring various cultural experiences to the classroom and school. Through the immersion program, students build an appreciation and awareness for cultures other than their own.

Dual Enrollment
Through the Board of Cooperative Educational Services, NCSD high school juniors and seniors may take courses offered at Casper College, as long as they meet the course prerequisites. These courses count for college and high school credit at the same time. In some cases, high school sophomores and freshmen are eligible as well. Students can take courses on-campus or online.

Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent enrollment courses are offered at all NCSD high school campuses. Scheduled and taught at the high school during the day, these courses are certified to be equivalent to the college-level course. Students can choose to sign up for Casper College credit while taking these courses at their home high school.

Casper is fortunate to be home to the state’s first and largest community college. Casper College is a public, comprehensive two-year institution with a primary focus on student success that provides learning opportunities to enrich the lives of our students and community. Casper College offers a wide range of in-person and online courses across a variety of academic and technical subjects. In addition to academic degrees, Casper College provides life-long learning opportunities through professional development, workforce training, adult education, continuing education, cultural events and so much more, making the institution an incredible asset in our community.

In addition, Casper College offers the opportunity to earn an advanced degree right here at home through the UW-Casper satellite campus. Offering 11 bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mental Health or School Counseling, MBA, Education Administration, English, Accounting, Kinesiology, Nursing, and Public Administration, students are given the chance to further their education through the University of Wyoming with access to Casper College support and resources.

For Wyoming students looking to attend Wyoming’s only public university in Laramie or one of the seven Community Colleges throughout the state, the Hathaway Scholarship provides a valuable incentive. This in-state scholarship is designed to encourage Wyoming students to prepare for and pursue post-secondary education within our state. The program consists of four separate merit scholarships (each with specific eligibility requirements) and a need-based scholarship for eligible students that supplements the merit awards.

Learn more about the history and requirements of the Hathaway Scholarship.

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